Increase Profits 10%-25%

The eCash Solution is a revolutionary new system that is increasing profits, retaining revenue, offering real time reporting and
positively impacting the guest entertainment experience.

RFID Card and Wristband Technology

  • RFID cards and wristbands are not able to be fraudulently reproduced as the previously used magstripe and barcode cards.
  • The cards and wristbands are durable and reusable after hard use and contamination.
  • RFID technology improves guest safety by allowing employees to identify the most recent ride or game an RFID card or wristband was scanned.
  • RFID cards and wristbands can be custom branded with individual event logos and colors.

Easy to use and convenient to re-load!

Self-Serve Card Purchase and Reloading Kiosk

  • Customized outdoor enclosure designed for visibility, safety and durability.
  • Self contained and remote monitoring capability.Customers can check balances alleviating lines at Customer Service and Ticket boxes.
  • English and Spanish Languages available.
  • Cash and Credit Card transactions.
  • Cash loading cassette can hold up to 3,000 notes..

Provide guests with self-service kiosks!

Point of Sale Cash Register Systems

  • Compliant with EMV mandate.
  • Cash and card transactions.
  • 24hr 7 Days a week Call Center Assistance.
  • Remote login monitoring with real time backup system.
  • Easy to use interface for employees and employers.
  • Realtime reporting for employers to use.
  • POS System can provide real time video feed.
  • On site training provided.

POS Systems for improved accuracy and reporting!

Unitech Rugged Handheld Scanner

  • Extremely rugged scanner will perform under harsh conditions.
  • Fully charged, the scanner can be used up to 8 hours.
  • Easy to use interface for employees and employers.
  • Multiple cards can be used for a transaction.
  • Customers can check card balances before transaction.
  • Scanner uses employee login to determine which ride or game it is assigned to.

Durabe handheld scanners for improving processes!

Fast, Reliable and Secure Networking Technology

  • Multiple broadband internet connections configured for failover ensure internet connectivity is maintained 24x7x365.
  • Wireless bridging across site via 3.
  • 65 Ghz spectrum eliminates interference from consumer devices.
  • All wireless traffic is encrypted with 128 bit temporal key integrity protocol (TKIP) to ensure highest level of data security.
  • Real-time network monitoring systems provide granular visibility into network performance and throughput analysis.

Dependable technology that improves data reporting!

Robust Real Time Data Backup Solutions

  • eCash deploys a reliable backup for each component of the entire system using three redundant servers.
  • Two local servers are dedicated to backing up the POS and Kiosk Systems, with auto backup software running to make sure the third cloud server is up to date.
  • In the event something were to happen to the local server our software will run off of the cloud server.
  • Once the local server comes back online the cloud server updates the local server and the system continues running.

Secure data storage and backup procedures!